ThruFlyte is a four man pop rock band located in Central Florida. They got their start as a worship band, provided musical support for churches in need of a band for church services and events.

As that ministry grew, they began writing songs about how their lives had changed and been impacted by their relationships with God through Jesus Christ. Their original music sound has a melodic pop rock flare.

In 2016, ThruFlyte met with producer Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records, who signed them to a production deal for their first studio recording. The self-titled EP has led to gigs and a more serious writing and touring focus for the band.

ThruFlyte continues to provide service to churches as well and feel like that will always be one of their focuses.

The name ThruFlyte is derived from an aviation term that refers to a flight that lands in a location for a short time before continuing to it’s final destination…much like the band!

Their hashtag is #LiveOnTheUp which defines their band: They strive to see every opportunity to serve those around them and live a life that inspires others to focus upwards.